About Me and This Blogging Thing

I am having a terrific life.

I hope you are as well.

Things haven’t always been great, but generally, yeah, my experiences have been fun and/or valuable, and I feel fortunate to have done, seen, shared, and lived what I have. And it ain’t over yet!

I have learned that attitude makes all the difference in, well, just about everything. Performance, enjoyment, and being present to best help others (and self) topping the list. I believe we have the ability to control our attitudes — it can take some practice, and the actual desire to do so — and I have found the healthiest and best way for me to live is to choose a positive, mindful, considerate attitude.

I started this blog under a different name and slightly different focus a few years ago. It’s still a personal blog more than anything. A place for me to journal out loud to the internet. It’s my mission to help people, to share positive, happy emotions to make others feel good. I am always learning, and want to always be sharing.

My career in real estate provides many ways to fulfill my personal mission. Changing a home can be one of the biggest, most involved and challenging decisions a person can deal with. I’m glad to be in a position to provide knowledge, counseling, and guidance to folks during situations involving real estate. A lot of my blog posts relate to this aspect of what I do.


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