What I Don’t Know About Unrequited Mongoloid Love

We enthusiastically got tickets for Moogfest two years ago primarily to see DEVO.  Then they cancelled.  We waited in line for 3 hours on Record Store Day to get the exclusive DEVO 1981 live LP, getting the very last copy only because of our good friends Jim

"He's got Mark Mothersbaugh eyes"

and Lisa.  We even suffered through the thoroughly awful Monster Man show last week just for a glimpse of DEVO. This morning, Ashley noticed a post to send in pics with the previously mentioned RSD Devo album in order to win a Holy Spud sticker.  We excitedly rushed upstairs to get the album, shot a quick picture, posted it… and were totally brushed off.  Fourth people to post a pic, and we get nothing.  Other fans, posting LONG after us, some not even with the requisite album, get recognition and stickers.  Us?  Nothing.  It’s like being hit with space junk, only less lucky.

Actually, it’s not as bad as it sounds.  Moogfest turned out to be amazing, and although the whole band couldn’t be there (Bob M. had cut his hand pretty bad), Mark and Gerry did show up and perform a couple of Devo songs with the Octopus Project.  And the Record Store Day experience was still fun, especially since Jim and Lisa were able to secure the double LP for us.  Oh, and the live album is great, of course.  The only thing beyond salvation was the time spent enduring the Monster Man show.
We still love you, DEVO.  Ashley will continue posting video clips from the Square Pegs appearance, and I’ll keep wearing the cool T she got me.  I don’t even know what we would have done with a Holy Spud sticker anyway.

What do you know?

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