What I Don’t Know About Writing a Blog

It was mostly the guru from Guam, but there were plenty of others, including a synthpop DJ, a weirdo from Texas, and a couple of great guys I know (one living in the metropolis that is Belmont, NC, and the other currently in the Netherlands) who made me think I wanted to write a blog.

Why Blog?  It depends on your purpose.  Mine?  I enjoy the exercise of writing, turning ideas into combinations of words that might make sense.  And sometimes I feel like I have something to say that someone else out there might find helpful, or interesting, or funny.

But are you required to have an admirable purpose to blog?  A couple of years ago, when  I decided I wanted to give blogging a serious go, I thought so.  There’s enough “blah, blah, blah” in the world.  I believe it’s only considerate to not clutter up the bandwidth or take up other folks’ time without a reason.  And I believed a blogger definitely had to have a point to make to be taken seriously.  That’s what all the blogs I admired did, anyway.

My perspective on that has changed.  I see now that there are plenty of good bloggers out there not taking themselves too seriously, and having a good time with it.  If there’s a purpose for them, it’s self-expression.  Good enough reason for me.

I’ve read a lot from notable names in the — forgive me — blogosphere that lay out sort of rules on how real blogging is supposed to be done.  You have to find a niche.  You have to post with frequency, at least daily.  Your posts can’t be too lengthy.  First drafts are good enough, the important thing is to get them out there.

You know what I’ve seen, though?  Over the few years I’ve been paying attention, it looks to me like success in blogging is like it is in nearly any other pursuit.  Those that have the most impact, that are clearly differentiated from the ordinary – they don’t care about the rules.  And the folks with all the rules?  Their own achievements just aren’t all that impressive.

Okay, I do realize I can’t go six months between logging in and posting and still consider myself a blogger.  I also realize I sometimes take way too long to compose a post.  I’ve at least learned to edit and not make my posts too lengthy (save that for the books), and I am getting better at those other issues.

So here’s to exercising the blogging muscles.  I hope my writing and your reading will be worthwhile.  But I’m not going to worry too much if you don’t take me seriously.

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