Ever since I was a kid, I’ve liked to think of myself as being progressive, looking more toward the future and what’s next than to the past.  Truth is, though, I enjoy the symbolism of traditions, especially those involved with the New Year.  Making a new start, and having a point from which to review and resolve to change, correct, or improve is, to me, a worthwhile and even exciting project.  This year, though, I believe I’ll follow a growing trend to NOT make new year’s resolutions; instead I will be satisfied to set some simple goals for the upcoming year.  At this time next year I guess I can look back to see how simple they turn out to be.

I want to continue to be more honest and more considerate with others.

I’d like to put some real work into the book I started writing (and made very little progress on) last year.

I’d like to meditate with some frequency.

I’d like to exercise my writing skills with some frequency.

I’d like to waste less time in front of the computer and TV.

I think that will do it.

What do you know?

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