Might as well start… here.

I’ve been planning to do this for a while.  I did a few blog posts last year and the year before that, mostly clarifying some thoughts for myself while I sought a new direction for my life.  Funny (or not, really) that I’m again (still?) dealing with the same questions.

The most pressing and persistent — painful, even, to prolong the alliteration — issue for me is finding the right job.  I sketched out a 3-step goal for financial independence a year ago, and a job is only a small part of it, but I continue to search for a role that will be somewhat fulfilling, with at least a measure of purpose, which makes use of my abilities and truly challenges me.  I haven’t read Your Money or Your Life yet (it has been recommended byseveral people whose opinions I value, and is on my list to get to soon), but I’ve skimmed enough to understand the concept of “making a dying.”  Dad, too, has repeatedly stressed to me the value of my time and my life’s energy.  Surely it is worth more than what I am being compensated for by NOT being able to even approach my potential at my current job.  Surely.

So I’ve studied finance.  I’ve studied real estate.  I earned a paralegal certificate.  I’ve continued to develop my writing.  I have become a hell of a networker.  And, most importantly, I’ve learned a few very important things about myself.

Turns out I really do like accounting, and organization, and research, and I’m good at those things.  I am thrilled by being productive.  I kind of like working by myself, but do like to be around people.  I’ve faced the fact that I need to feel some importance related to my role, whatever it may be.

Where I’m working now only partially satisfies — and too often frustrates — the goals I’ve identified as vital to me.  Admittedly, where I am now was not intended to be my dream job, and it is better financially than my previous position.  But there is, I honestly believe, a better fit for me out there.  And I am determined to find it.  Soon.

What do you know?

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